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Movie Location Pictures
Here is a link to my friend's website: , then click on Smokey and the Bandit.  Greg accompanied me on a movie tour and  took some great pictures.  He updated and linked them with actual scenes of the movie.  It is a kind of 'then and now' tour.  Please enjoy and it is a must for any Smokey and the Bandit movie fan.

Also another friend made a video of our tour.  It doesn't include all of the locations, but shows alot of them.  Please enjoy:

Here are some pictures, new and old, of the actual movie locations.  A majority of the movie was filmed near Jonesboro, Georgia.  The first block of pictures demonstrates the scenes near there.    After thirty years many things have changed, but I hope you get the general idea.  You can always email me with questions.

These scenes are near Helen, Georgia
The block below is from Lakewood Fairgrounds in Atlanta, Georgia.   The movie started and ended here with the Southern Classic car race.  These pictures show what is left of the old racetrack and grandstand.  The Kenworth and Trans Am parked in the middle of the track in front of the grandstand.    Of course the roller coaster is gone, it was demolished in Smokey and the Bandit II.  
First two pictures are near Redan, Georgia.                                                                 The last ones are in McDonough, Ga.
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