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Movie Locations
Here I have listed information on the actual filming locations from the first movie Smokey and the Bandit.  A majority of the movie was filmed in Georgia near the cities of Jonesboro, Redan,  Helen, McDonough, Cumming and Atlanta.  I have copied the maps used by Universal Studios from the Georgia Archives.  After interviewing people,  picture taking, hunting, searching and  alot of head scratching; I feel comfortable with the locations listed below.  I have watched the movie literally hundreds of times checking out scenes and backgrounds.  I led a tour of the most loyal fans in the world (during the bandit run) and they agreed with my research and detective work.   I have listed this information to share with anyone interested and will lead groups on tours.  A tour is recommended because even I drove past many of them without realizing it.  Details of the tours are in progress and should be announced soon, but always feel free to email me.
I have used my own system of listing the scenes, so hopefully if you are familiar with the movie, you will understand my method.

Near Jonesboro, Georgia:
First of the movie at a redlight: Trans Am burns out and semi truck follows it
Where Snowman’s house was (torn down)
Branford’s roadblock
Texarkana, Texas (in the movie)
Where the ‘Coor’s warehouse was
Cop car in backwards lake (first chase scene in the movie with Frog, fisherman jumps in lake)
Where the Bandit picked up Frog in her wedding dress
Lake where Fred went swimming
The bridge that Bandit jumped over (some of it is still there)
Knocking down mailboxes scene
Where Buford said, “What we’re dealing with here is a total lack of respect”
Where Buford lost his roof
Car in ditch being pulled out by wrecker and Buford argues with cop about his fowl language
Where the Bus stop scene was filmed (Bandit tried to dump Frog)
Where ‘Foxy Lady’ parked her RV
Welcome to Texarkana sign scene

Atlanta, Ga:  Lakewood park
Truck Rodeo drag race
Hammock scene
Gate crashing scene
Southern Classic Race
Beginning and End of the movie

Near Lithonia, Georgia:
Football field that Frog drove thru
Funeral scene with the ‘grave robber’ and Buford had to wait

Near Helen, Georgia:
A little pond hopping? Scene (Bandit drives the T/A in a creek and also where Buford lost his car door)
You ready Roy? I was born ready, scene (chase in Mississippi where the Bandit gets around cops)
The bridge where Bandit and Frog kissed (the bridge has been rebuilt)

Near Conyers, Ga:
Where the Drive In restaurant was (torn down). Where Hot Pants worked ‘dishing it out’

 Near McDonough, Ga
Snowman’s Fight Bar
 Where Bandit hid behind a building (torn down) at night in the beginning of the movie

Near Cumming, Georgia:
T/A and Truck on curvy road at the first of the movie
Rocking Chair convoy scene
Frog gives the motorcycle cop the finger (or half a peace sign)
Georgia State Patrol chases T/A up ramp and across bridge
Patrol car rolls over upside down 
Patrol car lands on semi flatbed trailer
Bridge Crossing scene

The pictures listed below are actual "behind the scene" pictures taken during the filming of Smokey and the Bandit in 1976.  I did not put new descriptions under them as they speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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